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RMT Rates:

60 Minute Massage - $110

45 Minute Massage - $84

30 Minute Massage - $60

Price List



 Initial Appointment 45mins or 60mins

  Approximately 10-15 minutes of the appointment is used to assess your dysfunction/issue and allow time to change in/out of clothing before and after treatment. 

  The Remainder of the time is for the treatment itself. The First appointment with an RMT is usually the most time consuming. This is why it is best to start off with at least a 45 min or 60 min appointment.

  Due to a very busy schedule, Jeremy has restricted the 30min and 60min appointments. Presently, only the 45min appointments will be bookable online. This maximizes the amount of people that can be booked in per week, while not taking too much time away from appointment lengths. Having patients wait 2 months for an appointment while injured is just too long. 

  Also, having to constantly adjust the scheduled appointments to squeeze people in was very time consuming. Only having 45min appointments available cuts down on the amount of wasted time due to scheduling conflicts.  

 Jeremy's main treatment strengths are with treating the acutely injured and chronic pain patients. These treatment types need subsequent appointments that are sometimes 3-4 days after the initial treatment. The new changes in the schedule will hopefully allow for better treatment outcomes and increased subsequent bookings.      

  Subsequent visits usually need less assessment time prior to your massage. Please make sure to have all of the intake forms filled out online prior to your first appointment.

  If the forms are not filled out 24-48 hours prior your appointment, it may be cancelled. These forms are a Provincial Requirement by all RMT's in BC.

Jeremy is no longer direct billing WCB claims.

He is still treating people with ICBC claims, but you will have to pay for the treatment at the clinic and then submit your receipts to WCB.

  ** For missed/cancelled appointments (without 24 hours notice) the 'No Show' Fee is the cost of the treatment missed **