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What Registered Massage Therapists (RMT's) Do


RMT's assess muscle function, strength, pain and joint dysfunction. The treatment is provided via manual (hand/elbow) pressure on your body. The treatment may be in the form of stretching, trigger point release, myofascial release, or joint distractions (traction).





BC's RMT Education


Jeremy has a Dimploma in the 3000 hour program from WCCMT. Currently the RMT requirement in BC is 2200 hours. He has also attended post graduate classes to gain more knowledge on various treatment techniques, injuries and pathologies.






What to Expect at Your First Visit


Arrive Early


If it is your first time seeing Jeremy, you will need to fill out an Initial Assessment form at least 24-48 hours prior to your appointment. This will let him know who you are, where you're hurt, how you got hurt, and any other intersecting medical problems that may be relevant to your treatment. 







Medical History & Assessment


 ICBC appointments and complicated or chronic conditions often require longer examination time and therefore may affect treatment time.



Because the assessment will be in depth and will take time to gain the full understanding of your injury, the first appointment may involve more talking than treatment. This is greatly depending on how long you treatment is.


Jeremy knows how to write fast and prioritize your needs quickly. He strives to make the best use of your time with him and will not bore you with boring facts if he sees your eyes rolling into the back of your head! 


Jeremy wants you to feel comfortable and to be able to explain your situation the best you can. So relax, let him know what your issues are and what you have figured out so far on how to fix yourself :)  






After the Massage


Jeremy doesn't like you to leave treatment without him checking to see if the massage did what was advertised! Re-assessment will be done and corresponding homecare, exercise, stretching will be given for homecare. 


Jeremy doesn't believe in wasting your time. If massage isn't what you need right now, he will refer you out to another therapist or therapy that will best suit your needs. The primary goal is to get you healthy!